Planning Consultants Dorset

Planning Consultants

Intelligent Land offers innovative visionary services in land value optimisation and property development.


We reveal hidden opportunities to significantly maximise land value by viewing developments through a creative lens. Using this approach means we find ways to add value to land that are not apparent to everyone.

This is achieved through a combination of industry experience and an eye for commercial viability enabling us to optimise land value whilst making a better place to live and work.

The difference in our approach leads to quicker routes with greater returns by offering honest, informed advice and consultancy in land brokerage, planning and development.

Our in-house team of skilled professionals include chartered surveyors, town planners and land specialists who individually and collectively offer an impressive range of high quality services to benefit land owners whether they are looking to develop 3-4 plots of land or 3-4000.

Our mission is to maximise land value in a way that brings benefits to both our clients and the ultimate users of the site.