Land Sales – we work with land owners and agents. We focus on delivering certainty and maximum value from Land, Development Opportunities and Investments. “ONE OF THE PRINCPAL FACTORS FOR FAILURE IN PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS IS LACK OF INFORMATION AT THE COMMENCMENT OF NEGOTIATIONS” At Intelligent Land we have over one hundred years combined experience within the commercial, leisure, health and residential property markets. We know what property sellers expect and buyers want. Prior to marketing any opportunity, we undertake a thorough audit process to establish the facts affecting each of the following:

Legal Title: can it be sold? – is the Title clean and suitable for development and funding purposes?

Planning status and opportunities

Technical solutions and abnormal costs

Sales and letting market summary

We provide a Key Issues Document on the completion of our audit process and supply an in-depth summary report made available to every prospective purchaser. We believe it is important that all involved receive the same information and are clear as to the facts upon which the maximum offer can be submitted. This unique service achieves two key objectives:

The discovery of any potential issues at an early stage, in order that they may be resolved prior to marketing

A thorough review of the property designed to highlight any potential Profit Enhancement opportunities

Upon completion of the audit process, Intelligent Land can either work with existing agents or formally market the property via our Property Web Management System. This provides the following detail to any potential purchaser:

A Key Issues document

The Legal Title and Contract

Planning documentation

Architects and Engineers drawings

All other technical reports

Sales and Letting research

A basis for the Tender process