Intelligent Land Summer Drinks and Planning & Development Event

The Intelligent Land team hosted another great event at Deans Court yesterday, 20th June. Guests enjoyed talks by Chris Shephard, Head of Economic Development and Sustainability at Bournemouth Borough Council, Chris Young QC, Head of Planning and Environment from No 5 Chambers and a bonus talk by Chris’ colleague Scott Stemp.

Chris Shepherd gave us an fascinating talk about the positive changes that are planned for Bournemouth including greater densification of key town centre sites and the hope to retain young people. Did you know that Bournemouth has one of the largest number of under 45s of any town in the country? Also some great plans for improving public realm and being a test bed for 5G technology.

Chris Young demonstrated his in-depth knowledge of the planning world and an insight into current government thinking. We are once again heading for a plan led system with Councils having to allocate sufficient sites to make a step change in housing delivery. The proposed changes to the NPPF are good news for housing, particularly in the south of the country.

Scott Stemp told us all about the recent EUJ decision ‘People over Wind’ and the implications for the screening of projects where there are potential impacts on European sites of nature conservation. Scott also told us about a current challenge he is involved in to the planning application fee regs and issue of extension of time and fee refunds.

Intelligent Land are extremely grateful to our guest speakers who demonstrated why they are where they are and we are already looking forward to our next event.

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