News and views

6,000 unit scheme submitted in Fareham where as part of the team we submitted the site wide viability report.

Interesting watching the supreme court in action earlier this week hearing the co-joined cases brought by Cheshire East and Suffolk Coastal in their attempt to overturn the meaning of ‘policies for the supply of housing’ together with its relationship with the meaning of sustainable development. The outcome will have significant implications one way or the other. Following closely on from the Housing White Paper and the government’s proposals for changes to housing land supply it is very much watch this space! What is for certain is that the need for housing will not go away and being able to demonstrate a robust land supply position will remain for Council’s and applicants alike.

Planning application for the regeneration of an important site in the centre of Poole submitted this week for Hignell Baker Investments Ltd.
Working with LMA Architects a sensitive solution to the former Dibbens site at the Lower end of High Street, Poole, in the heart of the Conservation Area, has been found that respects the integrity and character of the CA. 38 urban lifestyle flats and new A3 unit will help breath vitality back into the area. Thanks to the Neighbourhood Forum for facilitating engagement and providing advice leading up to submission.