What we do

We understand that land owners often face difficult decisions about how best to utilise the value of their property so we have created a simple, four step approach using the process of ‘Land Value Optimisation’. This enables us to realise the highest potential from land assets and is an outstanding feature of our service that runs through all of our development and planning consultancy work.

Step one: We take time to understand your needs: we listen, and check back with you to ensure we share your vision, your concerns and your expectations.

Step two: We assemble the right team for the job! The scope of each project can vary from being simple to very complex which could involve environmental, economic, physical and political issues. So we tap in to the appropriate skills within our team, sometimes bringing in complementary counterparts, such as architects, engineers, inspectors, contractors and leasing agents.

Step three: The team can then do the research needed to fully understand the opportunities and constraints of your project. Each of our clients has different needs and ideas of the best outcome for their land so we take care to optimise the objectives of each proposition whether it be to achieve financial gain, leave a lasting legacy or create a better living environment

Step four: We then review your asset(s) to assess both the financial potential, and the risk involved, providing you with a clear overview of the different options. We will also advise on how any risk can be minimised and managed to best protect you.