Mike Hirsh

Mike Hirsh is a consultant with considerable experience in Town Planning and has worked for nearly forty years in private practice and local government. His last post in local government was as the Head of Service for East Dorset District Council with responsibility for Development Management, Building Control and Design and Conservation.

Prior to working for East Dorset Mike was employed in Poole and was involved with many of the major developments when it was one of the fastest expanding areas in the country. Mike’s experience extends not only to direct involvement with many large residential schemes but also to the expansion of industrial commercial and new major shopping developments. He was one of the Dorset planning officers who worked on the Interim Heathland Policy and met representatives of the local development community with officers from Natural England to arrive at an understanding on this issue.

Mike has considerable experience as an expert witness, having given evidence at planning public inquiries including enforcement appeals, and appeared on some of the site specific matters at the last East Dorset Local Plan Inquiry. As a senior officer in local government he has given advice to Planning and Policy Committees and at a variety of public meetings and is used to engaging with the public in a planning context.

Key areas of expertise:

Town Planner

Commercial, residential and community planning matters blended with commercial viabilities –

Legal agreements –

Affordable housing –

South East Dorset Greenbelt and Heathlands

Appeals and refusals –

Expert witness