What we believe

We believe there’s a different and better way of looking at land that can create profitable developments whilst at the same time enhancing the environment.  We subscribe to the philosophy that by designing a better place to live and work, social behaviour improves thus creating increased lasting value to any development. With better design we can achieve higher overall value.

We believe in maximising financial return: Whether you are an individual who owns land, a development company, a housing association, a trust or an estate manager, you have a responsibility to get the most out of your, or your client’s assets. We will work with you to achieve that. We have an unparalleled track record in maximising land values, using our knowledge, creativity and our unique approach.

We believe in bespoke development analysis: We will help you develop plans that maximise the area to be developed and create increased volume of high return units. New developments risk attracting controversy if they are not well-planned and communicated. We will work with you to understand the risk, take action to avoid it and to manage what cannot be avoided. We actively strive to support good planning decisions, with robust and comprehensive submissions.

We believe in creating a lasting legacy: Intelligent Land looks at property assets from a completely fresh perspective. Our new solutions are rarely about building bigger or cramming more onto a site: it’s smarter than that. We take care to understand what the different stakeholders want, be they investors, developers, planners, residents, local business owners or neighbours. We are skilled in using that understanding, and our creativity to add value.