Housing Land Supply

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“Housing Land availability is the starting position for examining all housing applications .The science of land supply can no longer be left to a generalist approach. Landowners and developers know this is a crucial step towards a successful application. The NPPF has to be interpreted by experts in this field and none come better than Intelligent Land who have a proven track record.”

Lee Newlyn Partner Barton Willmore

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Using our analytical skills, we’ve developed a comprehensive system to work in complete accordance with Government guidance that produces clear concise housing land supply projections that reflect reality. This is often in complete contrast to existing projections held by local planning authorities.

We present our case in a robust manner backed by solid evidence and our approach is recommended by leading QC’s and developers. We work alongside conventional planning professionals to contribute a thoroughly researched, market based insight of the development realities affecting the delivery of the many housing sites in contention in most planning applications and inquiries. In a recent Public Inquiry, the opposing local planning authority changed its projections in 12 out of 22 sites in dispute as a direct result of our investigations. Another authority changed its position after reading our evidence and retrospectively accepted a housing supply shortfall. We strive to ensure that we make a significant and valuable difference to the outcome of your application and appeals….our track record tells its own story.

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In late 2010, Intelligent Land was part of the team that secured planning permission at appeal for 350 new homes on a green field site at Nursling, on the outskirts of Southampton. Intelligent Land, lead by residential development expert Mark Hewett, successfully demonstrated a shortfall in housing land supply substantially below the local authority’s’ own forecast to the extent that the shortfall in housing supply was serious enough to override conflicts with other local plan policies.

In a repeat of this initial success, Intelligent Land was part of the team that secured planning permission at appeal at Picket Piece, on the eastern periphery of Andover, for 530 new homes. Further successes have included Pitt Manor in Winchester and Bugbrook in South Northamptonshire.

Referring to the evidence presented by Intelligent Land, the inspector in the Picket Piece case stated…

“The most reliable evidence before the inquiry, that which has been tested and withstood cross-examination, is that of the appellant, from Mr Hewett. Mr Hewett’s evidence has been accepted by the Council in many cases in this appeal and the Council no longer relies on sites which it had previously insisted should be taken into account. This demonstrates that the evidence of this witness is reliable.”

Intelligent Land is a leading authority on these issues and provides detailed analysis and expert witness services on the subject. If you would like an informal discussion or consultation you can contact any of the Expert Witness team at Intelligent Land and see how we can positively contribute to your ‘Five Year Housing Supply’ situation.

“Mark’s evidence drew on a deep understanding of the dynamics of the house building industry. He was able to provide telling insights to the proposed supply forecast by the local planning authority.” 

Mark Lowe QC

“Intelligent Land take a complex and often confusing subject and apply a structure and process that delivers clarity. They are innovative in their approach and forensic in their investigations and that makes a tremendous difference when compared to traditional planning analysis”

David Brocklebank Managing Director Wates Developments Ltd

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Richard Phillips QC