Market Reports

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Intelligent Land have created a unique new service to guide and assist house builders, investors, landowners, planners and private developers to deliver focused development solutions – strategically targeted at un-met market demand. Our bespoke Market Reports therefore serve to inform proposals which actively improve financial returns.

These catchment specific Market Reports represent a vital stage in the planning, design and viability process. Designed by developer’s themselves, with key inputs from Housebuilders, Surveyors, Planners, Architects, Estate Agents and Land owners, they are suitably insightful to actively affect real financial improvements.

Strategic Development Market Reports will:

– Identify key characteristics of the local population, as well as highlighting emerging and longer-term trends affecting both demand and sales values.

– Quantify site locations as well as total units in the development pipeline, of the area concerned.

– Identify values being achieved in both the second hand and new homes market.

– Identify the type of development remaining in demand, as well as the pre-requisite functions which buyers demand of the product, if the client’s interest is to achieve a price premium.

– Provide key analytical commentary on all of the above, digesting the data and interpreting how this affects the local property market going forward.

Our market reports summarise with a series of evidence based – practical recommendations on how the client could bolster sales rates and achieve a price premium. The effect of which has been to minimise risk and enhance developer profits, and land values, for those parties concerned.

This information can help:

– Contextualise the market

– Identify and quantify supply and unmet demand.

– Determine design proposals.

– Underpin viability appraisals of existing proposals.

– Enhance project viability.

– Enable wise decision making and therefore inform development planning.

– Evidence Estate Rationalisation procedures.

– Formulate evidence to reduce developer contributions where viability is a key issue; and

– Inform targeted sales and marketing strategies.

Market reports can also provide a complimentary investigation pre-empting Intelligent Land’s Development Analysis and Profit Enhancement service.

By taking the evidence achieved via a bespoke Market Report, Intelligent Land are able to identify the ‘Vision’ for a scheme, not only to ease the passage of planning and stimulate stakeholder support, but moreover to inform Masterplanning of the optimum layout, density, mix, and house typology which hits the sweet spot in viability terms, thereby enhancing land values, minimising risk, and optimising developers profit margins.