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Fenced tennis court with blue playing court

Intelligent Land working with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) – How Housing Developers Can Serve Communities & Profit with LTA’s Groundbreaking Offer

Intelligent Land is working with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), and we have exciting news for housing developers looking to elevate the value of their projects while championing grassroots sports. 

Unveiling a Game-Changing Partnership

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) has stepped onto the court with a spectacular proposal: they’re offering the inclusion of a community tennis facility as part of your housing development!

LTA’s Vision for Grassroots Tennis

Understanding the need for sports provisions in today’s rapidly growing communities, LTA is now providing interest-free loans to support the incorporation of grassroots tennis facilities. These facilities are not only aimed at key identified locations but also other regions poised to flourish from community tennis facilities.

What’s in it for Developers?

  1. Quality Operations: Rest easy knowing that LTA will embed top-notch operators to manage the facilities throughout an agreed lease term.
  2. Revenue Sharing: Once the loan is paid off, as a developer or landowner, you are entitled to a share of the facility’s turnover.
  3. Ownership: At the end of the lease period, the full ownership of the facility seamlessly transfers to the developer / landowner.

How Big Might My Development Need to Be?

• Large-scale schemes (1,000+ units) could support a larger tennis facility.
• Moderate-scale schemes (200+ units) could support a smaller tennis facility.

This initiative is an exceptional opportunity for housing developers to not only enrich their schemes but also give back to their communities. After all, when communities thrive, we all win.

We urge developers to seize this chance. Sports, especially tennis, play an instrumental role in community building, nurturing talent, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s rally together to serve our communities better and take advantage of this smashing offer by the LTA. Game, set, match!

If you have a scheme that you think might benefit from accessing this scheme, please contact us to find out more. Intelligent Land act on behalf of the LTA to establish the suitability of schemes and explore the details for a successful match! Let’s make tennis a cornerstone of our new communities.

Download the LTA brochure here