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Providing comprehensive and innovative solutions in land and property development

Maximising land value while ensuring environmental sustainability and compliance.

In partnership with Burrow Environmental, led by industry expert Tom Beels, Intelligent Land now offers specialised consultancy services in phosphate mitigation and environmental compliance. This new service expands our commitment to providing comprehensive and innovative solutions in land and property development.

Our services include

1. Expert Consultation on Phosphate Mitigation: Navigating the complexities of environmental regulations can be challenging. With Tom Beels’ expertise, we offer bespoke consultancy to help developers and landowners comply with the latest environmental requirements, particularly in the area of phosphate mitigation.

2. Innovative Solutions for Septic Systems: Understanding the impact of septic systems on the environment is crucial. Our consultancy provides innovative solutions and advice for upgrading and maintaining septic systems in line with current laws and regulations.

3. Compliance Assurance: We ensure that your development projects comply with the General Binding Rules and other environmental regulations, safeguarding your investments and contributing to sustainable development.

4. Customised Environmental Reports: Our partnership enables us to provide detailed environmental reports, including market analysis and recommendations, tailored to the unique aspects of your development project.

5. Navigation Assistance with EA/NE Phosphate Calculators: A critical aspect of our environmental consultancy is aiding clients in the proficient use of phosphate calculators provided by the Environment Agency (EA) and Natural England (NE). These tools are essential for accurately assessing the phosphate impact of your development projects. Our expertise lies in interpreting these calculators to provide clear, actionable insights. This ensures that our clients not only comply with environmental regulations but also adopt the most efficient and sustainable approaches to phosphate mitigation. With our guidance, navigating these complex calculators becomes a straightforward process, enabling informed decision-making for your development initiatives.

Benefit from Our Partnership

By combining Intelligent Land’s comprehensive planning and development consultancy with Tom Beels’ specialised knowledge in environmental compliance, we offer a unique, integrated service. This partnership enhances our ability to advise on maximising land value while ensuring environmental sustainability and compliance.

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“They didn’t tell us what we wanted to hear but they told us exactly what we needed to hear.”

Keith Simmons,,
Divisional Managing Director at Taylor Wimpey

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